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Lore has a passion to see God reach hearts and transform lives. Even before God impressed upon Lore to write a book about her journey as a parent, she felt His anointing to minister to women. She loves to inspire them towards a closer walk with Jesus. Lore is a gifted story teller and LOVES to tell God stories with humor and animation. She will have you laughing one minute, and the next, her vulnerability and poignant use of scripture will pierce hearts and motivate application. 

You can always expect Lore to share personal stories of her ongoing faith journey with transparency and depth. She will also spend time praying and ministering personally to those in need if time permits at the end of your event.


Lore's favorite Bible verse is Malachi 3:16: "Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who esteem His name." She likes to say, "let’s fill up as many books as we can!" Lore will engage and envision her listeners towards glorifying God and expecting the mighty work of the Spirit in their lives.


Lore with interpreter ministering in Southeast Asia

VIDEO: Peace Amidst the Chaos of a Tough Diagnosis

Peace in the Chaos – Lore shares her entire story of her struggle with her son’s behaviors, diagnosis’ as well as her own begging with God and wondering why He isn’t coming to the rescue.  She takes you on a journey to see how in the middle of all the chaos, God begins to show her how to live a victorious life of peace.


Choosing Hope – Hope is an amazing and powerful concept.  It seems to be ever constant, yet also surprisingly illusive in our lives.  Lore shares how to find real hope and how to hang onto that hope even in very difficult times.

Speaking Topics

Prayers of Power vs. Prayers of Worry – As believers we sometimes get so intense in our prayers for someone that we drift into worry.  Lore shares her revelation of turning prayers from worry sessions into power sessions.


Embracing Rest in the Fight – We cannot focus on two things at once.  We cannot hold onto two opposites at the same time.  Lore discusses how to “let go” of the struggle as we continue to spiritually fight for victory.

What to do when Forgiveness seems so Hard – The struggle with forgiveness is REAL.  As Christians we know we must forgive and we think we did….then here comes the hurt feelings again.  Lore takes a hard, but honest look at what forgiveness really is, what it is not and how to walk in true forgiveness.


Her enthusiasm, communication

skills, professional way and sense of humor are unique and engaging. Lore is well liked for her passion and confidence. Her message is clear, to the point, well delivered and well received. Lore's excitement is contagious. She brings herself, her life experience and the knowledge acquired from her research. Lore's voice is engaging, and diction clear. She connects with the audience to motivate and inspire. 

I recommend Lore Cottone

as your next speaker. 

Patricia G. Lebo

I have had the privilege of hearing Lore speak multiple times and it never gets old!  As I absorb what she presents, I feel as if the Lord is giving me a big hug and telling me, "You see; I've got this!"  Lore inspires me to see the hand of God at work in the fabric of our lives.

Lynette Petrie

Lore spoke at our Austin MOPS group and was AMAZING!  She speaks truth from her heart and has a beautiful, messy, God-honoring message about her family and life.  Any group would be blessed to hear Lore share what God has done in her and her family's life!

Michelle Halvorsen

I have been blessed to know Lore Cottone as a friend, a spiritual mentor, and a professional. She has so much wisdom & love to offer all she meets. The word that comes to mind first when I think of Lore is REAL; she is refreshingly sincere, transparent, and honest. God has called & equipped her to do great things!

Emily Stellitano

Lore is a Spirit-filled speaker and storyteller.  Lore takes her audience through a journey of struggle, heartbreak, and unwavering hope.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will be inspired to hope.

Jamon White

Lore blessed our MOPS group by sharing her story. Lore is an awesome speaker. She is real, down to earth and has been there... and done more. She has an amazing testimony of letting go and trusting God. She can relate to what you are going through or have been through. She takes a tough situation and instead of moping or having a pity party she laughs about the craziness and is able to joke about the lemons in life. She was such a blessing to our group of moms and we loved hearing her story. Thank you Lore for sharing your journey with us. We can't wait to read your book.


Lisa Nelson

Whether it's with a few people or with hundreds, Lore makes you feel like it is just the two of you as she speaks from her heart with warmth and passion. Heartfelt, humble, and humorous, her style makes you feel like instant friends right from the start. Her engaging, natural storytelling draws you in and leaves you caring about the people involved. Beyond the story, Lore imparts wisdom gained through faith and experience that applies even to the listening audience.

Jim and Robin Jordan

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