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Nothing Is Wasted: A True Story of Finding Peace in Chaos chronicles a mother’s journey of trials and doubts, faith and triumph, through the rocky terrain of her son’s life with Asperger Syndrome, bipolar disorder, depression, and addiction. The reader has a mom’s eye view of the challenges she and her family face as they navigate through the public school system, private rehab programs, the Texas justice system, and normal life as evangelical Christians with a child who doesn’t seem to “fit the mold” of expectation in any given system, let alone in his own mother’s idea of what her first son would be like. While frightening and painful at times, this is one mother’s story of faith and surrender in the face of insurmountable obstacles, and of God’s presence and faithfulness over decades of time. This ongoing story is full of victory: but more important than any single outcome is the fruit of peace and joy that was discovered along the way as the author chose to offer up all outcomes to the only One who loves better than a mother, whose signature moves are redemption, healing, and rescue.



Nothing Is Wasted:

A True Story of Finding

Peace in Chaos

By Lore Cottone



Book Reviews

Nothing is Wasted is an amazing story written by an amazing first-time author!  I was hooked. It is written like a mystery novel, I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This is a story of such strong courage and faith...and served as an inspiration to me in my own quest for stronger faith. 

Milena Christopher
Attorney at Law

Lore has done a masterful job of bringing the reader into her heart to experience the ups & downs of faith, self doubt, disappointment.  Her vulnerability as she struggles with God, with forgiveness & with the decisions a mother has to make is rare. This book has inspired me.  Very inspiring and enlightening in my own journey. Nothing is Wasted is a winner!

Cinda Brooks
Author of Heartprints of Africa

Nothing is wasted inspired me by chapter 4 to get on my knees and pray in a different way. It has encouraged my belief to stand firm that God truly listens to us and loves us. I am Single with no children and found that this book has given me assurance that God can take control of all situations in my life and can be much easier allowing Him, and as Lore has explained He can bring more abundant freedom and joy!

Christie Morrow

I started reading this book while glancing over my wife's shoulder and was instantly hooked - it's captivating. It's not just for moms.  As a dad I found it not only exciting and action packed, but more importantly filled with wisdom and application for my personal

Christian walk.

Brett Petrie

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